Experience, expertise and passion. That’s what I offer my clients.

I started shooting professionally as a student at the University of Wisconsin. During 8 years at daily newspapers, I learned a lot about working without art directors, handling fast-moving situations, and managing to get great images. In 1986, I went out on my own.

I enjoy covering big events —

Olympics, inaugurals, multi-venue editorial project, and multi-day conferences. That’s my idea of fun.

I’m still a newshound, shooting politics, breaking news, education issues, sports, and Texana. In 2009, I signed on as the contributing photographer for The Texas Tribune. You can see my latest news coverage there almost every day. Check it out here.

I also enjoy the challenge of taking a great portrait that tells you what you need to know about the subject.

BDP isn’t just a guy and a camera. It’s a business and I treat it as such—which could be why I’m still in business after more than 30 years.

The staff also includes marketing VP Janis Daemmrich. We call on several of Austin's top editorial photographers when we need assistance with big events.

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